Tue 4 Jan 2011 11:51
35:42.86N 11:10.14W

All well on Truant 554 miles to go, crew on Fine form, I have the opposite
problem to Captain Bligh with a overfed well rested crew, who seem not to
want to get off, I need to set some chores done or I am going to lose even
more control with this unruly lot. We are starting to turn our attention to
what 4 chaps might do when they get ashore after 10 days at sea, the best we
have come up with so far is a few beers, steak and chips and a couple of
bottles of Spanish red.

We are faced with fresh problems. The watch system has required new
algorithms as we simply cannot go to bed before 9 o'clock when the weather
is like this. Now we get to have a full 8 hours in bed. Indeed, if we
continue like this what we find is that we must get up on 'watch' merely to
eat and drink or we would surely starve in our sleep. This also means we get
to watch a whole movie in the evenings! (Previously unheard of on board
Truant). However, there are always mountains one has to climb on a journey..
with the engine on we have to watch the TV in subtitles therefore today's
activities will include an attempt to wire the TV up to the main speakers.
Let us all hope our electrician is up to it..