Thu 10 Feb 2011 13:02
19:44.38N 35:23.18W
We are now officially in the tropics having just crossed the Tropic of
Cancer at 20 degrees North. Much warmer now, but the wind and the sea are up
quite a bit with squalls approaching 30 knots. We're still goose-winging. We
had a difficult night last night with big seas and much rocking and turning
as the sea picks us up from the stern and attempts to twist us around. We
think we have these conditions until Sunday. It is being described on board
as like being in a washing machine on the wash cycle - just when you get
used to the side to side motion, the sea throws in a spin on a different
Flying fish everywhere including on the deck. They seem to fly about 50
meters, escaping a predator only to land on Truant. No fishing until
conditions improve & galley tough going.