Engine trouble

Thu 6 Jan 2011 12:30
30:28.472N 14:13.63W

Another few miles to go.. All well, last night we discovered that we have
taken on some dirty fuel and the filters are working hard. Yesterday evening
we tried swapping the filters out but they would not draw fuel, so we had a
heart stopping moment when we could not get the engine to fire up! We bled
the system and now it appears to be working fine. However, we will need to
do some work on the engine once we arrive. Just caught our first fish!

>From the Résistance

We spoke to soon... and are becoming really concerned over our Captain's
willingness to actually arrive in the Canary Islands during 2011. Although
his behaviour has been erratic it was not until last night that we realised
the full state of his malicious intent. As we began to make ready for our
evening he announced that he would inspect the engine. With a brief exchange
of glances (the engine appeared to still be pushing us in the correct
direction). We agreed to slow the boat down and point it in the wrong
direction again. Like a madman possessed he set to the engine, wurling with
spanners and other unknown tools. The engine was silenced and would NOT
start. For some time we were faced with the very really proposition of
arriving in the Canary Islands sometime in June. However the engine did
eventually growl to a start. We will be monitoring his sabotagic behaviour
more closely from now on..