02:53.95S 87:14.4W Thursday 2nd June

Thu 2 Jun 2011 22:55
Course is good, speed is acceptable, sun’s shining so all well with the world. The odd thing is seeing the sun in the north. Days are getting shorter but it is still light by 5.00am although the cockpit gets damp with dew from about 17.30, just as we sit down for dinner.
Still got 2 reefs in main, much discussion about shaking them out, but often more wind at night so re decide in morning
saw amazing sight, dolphins leaping high into the air, lots of them and then splashing down. They were a long way away, but still spectacular. We have a pair of resident gulls who sit on the bimini a lot of the time. They have no fear, can tickle their feet before they fly away – very good company at night.
No more fish, they pull the line but are not sticking on hook so corned beef again – jolly good.