01:29.3S 85:54.4W Wednesday

Thu 2 Jun 2011 00:21
Well, at long last, on correct course towards Easter Island, sailing along at 5-6kn and all is well.
Had 2 bites on the fishing line but no fish on line. Got 2 resident swallowtail gulls who sit on the bimini top all day and fly at night. Requests from the non-ornithologist for recipes!!!!!  Fresh food running out, had a major clear out of fridge today so now have some salad stuff, lots of tomatoes, christophene and cabbage. Tomorrow’s job is to sort out the oranges.  Excellent corned beef goulash tonight, so sleep with full tummy.This was after lunch of scones made by John A – not his best he says, as oven not hot enough but very tasty and a pleasant change. Have gone to 3 hour watches, day and night, so longer sleep at night. With a daytime nap, not so bad.
Fingers crossed for a good night of wind. Also hope doesn’t get too cold. Wearing jacket on watch and last night, I snuggled up in a blanket in bed – I would like to remind you all, this is the equator!