8:40.9N 79:21.7W Finally escaped

Mon 23 May 2011 00:29
Well, we have finally set off and all is well so far except a noticeable lack of wind, except the bit dead on the nose.
Bits I forgot to say earlier -
Last night went out to dinner in the Old town in Panama â fantastic architecture and a lot of restoration was being done. The main reason for going, was a icecream parlour in the guidebook â expensive but wonderful. i had ginger, basil and after eight mint, john had banana, chocolate and some funy tropical fruit and the other John had pistchio and chocolate with raisins and walnuts. Then we had ceviche and plantain chips â diffferent is all I can say.
The fruit wwe bought yesterday is all hidden around the boat, onions and potatoes in the spare cabin, cabbages in a box under the saloon table and apples etc stored in lots of pink mosquito netting, tied up like sugar almond parcels at weddings and christenings. Makes the boat prettier at least, and stops the flies etc getting in or out of the fruit. The difficult thing is not knowing how long stuff will last, and whether we will suddenly have to eat a huge amount of one thing. tonights dinner was steak and sald followed by oranges so weâre doing ok so far.
Itâs great to get out of Flamenco marina. the facilities were non-excistent, the water was dirty with lots of wood and rubbish floating in it, there was no wifi except when the bar and expensive restaurant was open, and no swimming pool. It was also expensive. I suppose the only good thing was that we could use as much water as we wanted.
Anyway, on watch now, so find lifejacket, watch etc and try to get used to the dark.