7:23.7N 79:17.7W Monday 23 May

Mon 23 May 2011 20:27
Well, weâve done out first night at sea and all is well. The wind is not helpful, very little and what there is, comes from the south which is where we want to go. Motored for about 12 hours yesterday and after spending 6 hours this morning to achieve 1 mile in the wrong direction, the engine is on again with the hope the wind will pick up again overnight although having had a look at the GRIB files, it doesnât look promising.
Last night, the stars were amazing, but couldnât find Orion or any others I recognised so will have a better look tonight. Weâve had dolphins on a couple of occasions, which is always good. Last night, I could hear them for ages, and suddenly saw them in the moonlight â magic. Also, there was a lot of phosphorescence in the sea â one of the bad points about Lavac toilets which there are on the boat, is that when you flush them, the seat has to be closed and hence you donât see the lights sparkle as the seawater rushes in! (Itâs amazing what cheers you up at sea!)