22:32.0S 105:07.6W

Tue 14 Jun 2011 23:27
Wet and windy out here, but getting there quicker, is only way to look at it. Had 146 mile run yesterday, so doing ok, 365 to go. Just hope is a bit calmer there, as anchorage is not very protected. Don’t think tonight is the night for an ipad on deck for stars. Just going back to the star programmes, we have starwalk and planets, both excellent. Planet possibly better as the moon looks more realistic and therefore easier to orientate, but for those with ipads, go look, even in uk with a huge amount of light pollution. Out here, the biggest problem is the moon – last night, I could do Sudoku puzzles on watch, there was so much light!
Off o find boots for tonight – have been wearing musto salopettes, but full gear today I think – oh for a hot water bottle when I come off watch!!