09:20.42S 92:55.98W

Mon 6 Jun 2011 22:30
Still rolling along, rolling being the word, but making good progress, 1422 nm to go to the waypoint just off Easter Island. We’ve had a few squalls go through with 24kn of wind and so have 3rd reef in the main and only about half jib and still doing 5.5kn.
No fish today and so the plan is spaghetti, using the last of the pepper and tomatoes. Grapefruit doing well, oranges less well, cabbage fine, as are onions and potatoes.
Last night the port nav light packed up again – it doesn’t seem to like water. Sprayed with WD40 and backup plan is torch and red plastic bag, if we see anything.
So that’s it, really. Just had tea and ginger biscuits, and getting organised We’re trying to cook and eat before dark to save on power, so come dark, it’s sleep, which comes quite easily with the thought of getting up for a night watch – thank goodness for ipods!