Ready to leave

Sun 22 May 2011 15:18
Well, waterpump mended, bilge pump mended, tanks filled with fuel and water so as soon as passports come back, weâll be off. John and I went to the fresh fruit and veg market yesterday and then to do a last run at the supermarket. The market was amazing, sacks of onions for 7$ and a sack of green oranges for 6$ so the boat is now loaded to the brim. The only thing I havenât got are any packets of fizzy fish. Done the washing, cleaned the floor and now just doing last bit of non-satphone internet. Please remember my our home internet does not work out at sea so please use our syperroquet one and please donât send us pictures, cartoons etc as blocks the system.
at the moment, thereâs not a lot of wind, but hopefully will pick up.