3:55.29N 79:40.48W

Wed 25 May 2011 21:38
Well, still here, going slow. Last night we had lots of wind, 15 â 20kn, doing 5 â7 kn, unfortunately not all in exactly the right direction Now trying to decide whether to hit S America or go west when we really want to go south. Had lots of rain today, sky grey, sea grey and not hot, considering weâre near the equator. The rain was solid enough for hairwashing and really good shower so feel much better. Weâve also been accompanied by a pair of swallowtail gulls â over night, they flew round and round, white shapes in the nav lights, and then spent several hours sitting on the deck. They tried the sprayhood but were discouraged due to the potential for poo!!
Next big decision is what to have for dinner, now fresh meat run out. Choice is tuna nicoise or spag bol â sadly no fish caught today. Just in case, does anybody know how to preserve fish without a freezer????
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