Still in Panama

Tue 17 May 2011 15:22
Yes, weâre still here in Freshwater Bay marina next to the Gatun lock on the Atlantic side to enter the Panama canal. We drove out here a few days ago, have loaded the boat with food and water, (44 x 5l bottles) and are basically ready to go. Our date is Thursday 19th, all being well. If you are at all interested, you can watch the webcam for panama canal and try to spot us!!
Initially we had a hire car, and drove round Colon, no kidding, and much like its name, and then another day we drove to Portobello, a rather attractive place which used to be an important harbour for pirates and most of the worlds gold etc came through there in the 16/1700s. it was a good afternoon out, although the drive back was interesting as the roads are not the smoothest and there are crabs on migration which are apparently tasty to eat. they are only around for a couple of weeks a year so all the small country roads were made even more hazardous by people running around catching crabs with no thought of safety!
So, last minute washing etc, swim in the pool, and try to sort out things so we can find them.
Will keep in touch, please use perroquet account and no pictures etc, Love B & J x