Fed Up!

Wed 18 Jun 2014 18:55
'49.36.99N 7.12.79W'
Very slow progress. As you may have seen on the Fleet Tracker we are having to make a very zig zaggy course - we are not mucking about, it is because of the wind direction. All the books say that we should be swept into the English Channel on good westerly winds. We are bobbing off the Isles of Scilly in a weak north easterly wind; a direction we have had for some days. We are having to 'bob' because we have used all our fuel! One very unhappy boy on board who has already missed England's first World Cup match and the next game is 24 hours away - and at this rate we are a lot further away from a TV or, worst way, radio reception. Although the ARC Europe rally has officially ended, we are grateful to still be receiving weather forecasts from the World Cruising Club and to have our Yellow Brick fleet tracker still working. Will keep you updated - somebody whistle for a westerly (or at this moment any) wind please! x