Can we fix it...?

Sat 14 Dec 2013 18:46
…yes we can! We decided that the jib (whisker) pole was worth trying to
salvage to use. We spent the morning (13/12) hacksawing, hand drilling and
bolting and from an extending bent, snapped pole we created a slightly still
bent, non-extending pole which is doing a grand job keeping us goose winged.
Sailed reefed during the night though as winds reached and maintained 36
knots for most of the night. Jib back out and going well. We would like to
share with you the ‘Ode to Shenanigan’ that our friend ‘Basher’ Dave emailed
Five hundred miles to go on Compass Two Six Oh
It seems a lot, but far it's not
Provided Trades will blow.

You've suffered calms, you've weathered storms
The jib's been torn by gales
But mending sails is just the norm
With handy 'No More Nails'.

Shenanigan, you're on your way
With broken pole, no kite
So tack that boat to Rodney Bay
From Dave and Deb and Mike

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