Squeals and Squalls

Sun 8 Dec 2013 13:50
In the early hours of this morning Brian was woken up by a high pitched scream - it was me screaming! Brian leapt up Christopher stayed oblivious. I was defending myself in the dark against flying fish throwing themselves at me from the deep dark sea. Now wide awake Brian decided to stay up with me. We looked at each other we looked at the sky ummm... we said to each other that looks like a sqaull coming. We can't go round it, we can't go under it and we go over it oh no we've got to go through it! So we did singing - to the tune of 'Do you know the Muffin Man?'- Chris Tibbs the weatherman weatherman weatherman, Chris Tibbs the weatherman hadasquall rule of thumb - but neither of us could remember what it was! We got wet! We have been informed from home that we are now last in the fleet - we'll keep singing!