Mon 19 May 2014 19:04
'33.14.72N 53.10.99W'
On Friday evening 16 May we settled down after super to a good night’s sailing and were chatting in the cockpit when we saw it. It was about 8.30 pm, the sky was dark but clear and the moon hadn’t risen. A couple of miles above the horizon to the west, a very bright orange light, so bright it looked like a search light, appeared. Trailing the light was a wide, bushy orangey/yellow tail. It curved to the left and moved as if searching for something in slow motion towards us. It then slowly curved around to the right and disappeared. Had us fooled – three grown adults thinking we were about to be abducted by aliens! Of course (haha) we realised that there is no such thing as UFOs. So it must have been an asteroid, comet or meteor we suppose. Calling all astronomers out there – please explain our phenomenon. Thank you!