'18.15.88N 36.32.29W'

Sat 7 Dec 2013 18:44
You may have noticed from the Yellowbrick that we have changed our course going south in search of better wind and then north again following the wind! Today we have enjoyed some superb sailing reaching under the cruising chute with good speeds and good weather. Last night we had a huge squall which we had watched coming! It hit us just as we served our supper of rump steak, sautéed potatoes and steamed buttered courgettes. When the squall had stopped as abruptly as it started there was at least an inch of rain collected (not on purpose) in a beaker left on deck. Fortunately, supper was unspoilt despite the cook holding onto the plates for dear life! Today we saw flying fish for the first time - it took a moment or two to realise they weren't little birds. We believe that distance wise we are just over half way (but we have done a few wiggly bits!). We are all in good spirits and having a great time. Weather forecast for next couple of days good and remainder of laptop screen holding out. p.s. hope photos are getting to blog. The one with this email was taken yesterday - strange halo around the sun.

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