Varzim to Lisbon 38:42.11.90N 09:10.14.10W

Sun 6 Oct 2013 21:36

Update…. Brian returned to Povoa de Varzim on 20th September followed on 25th by Christopher. By this time Brian had mended the leaky loo stop cock and plumbed in the water maker. Bad weather held them in Varzim until 30th September when they left in 15-18 knots of wind directly from the south so motored to Leixoes.  Further storms kept them there until 2nd October when they ventured on to Figueira da Foz.  Again wind from the south so more motoring in warm overcast weather until last hour for entry into Figueira when the wind picked up to 25 knots with thunder and lightning, torrential rain and huge seas pushing them into the narrow port entrance.  The torrential monsoon like rain continued all night.  Leaving the berth the next morning they experienced cross currents and a ‘helpful’ Frenchman who kept retying their mooring ropes every time Christopher let them off resulting in being pinned against a large neighbouring rib (didn’t burst it!) and unable to move! Fortunately, another Frenchman chased off his fellow country man and they were able to get off the berth without the rib!  Huge seas were experienced in the harbour entrance but they battled on to Nazare – a busy noisy fishing port – but now a deadline to meet as I had a  flight booked to Lisbon for Saturday (5th).  An early start on Friday saw the boys leave Nazare by 7am heading to Lisbon in, at long last, a flat sea and sunshine.  Good progress made entering Lisbon late afternoon sailing under a massive suspension bridge into Doca do Alcantara.


I arrived in Lisbon at 19:10 (early!) with a bag full of spares, a Deborah Faulder hunting, shooting, fishing (and sailing) cake, Mummy’s rice krispie fingers, a loaf of Hovis, some frozen mince and 22 jubilee clips among other things! Gratefully met by Brian and Christopher and grateful to arrive on the boat to find 3 bottles of Crabbies still in tact!


Sunday was spent restocking, fitting the jubilee clips, cooking meals and preparing for at least 6 days at sea to Madeira leaving Monday.  We hope the cheap wine in Madeira is as good as it is in Portugal


I leave you with a quote from Brian ‘where is the most common place a human being gets bitten by a spider?’…… answers on a postcard please! Will update you when we arrive in Madeira.