'19.08.76N 33.23.78W'

Thu 5 Dec 2013 12:39
Slow slow progress since the storm. We have very light winds a very flat sea and are hardly moving. Is this why the Atlantic is referred to as ‘the pond’? because it’s like being in the middle of a pond on a hot (extremely hot!) summers day, the good thing is there are no wasps in the beer or attacking us when we are having our picnic lunches! We saw and made contact with ARC yacht Tumbledownwind this morning – first life form for three days- and they are just as frustrated as we are. We have motored a bit but are concerned for fuel levels. Our next concern will be battery power which is also waning and needs speed to regenerate. Does anyone know where the elusive trade winds are? Lots of relaxing, reading and sunbathing. Hope to be in St Lucia by Christmas!! Best wishes from Shenanigan.

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