Ship Date 10.0 Wednesday

Roger Aylward
Wed 13 Aug 2008 13:24


Hi, well it is all done; we arrived here this morning almost exactly 11 days after we left Plymouth. We have done 1691 logged Nautical miles as compared to the design route of 1481 Nautical miles – bloody Bisacy. The weather here is changeable but very hot and humid. We are all fairly tired and the much vaunted lunch time drink was a very quiet affair. We have not yet got an after shave pic but I am sure that it will come. The marina is in centre of town near to all of the ferry quays.

 Just a few pics – too tired.






Another one




Oh dear we have missed Santa Cruz and found Sydney


This is the last of the blogs …….. until November.


There are plans to put a compendium of pictures together with more than  1 Pixel resolution -  watch this space.


Ta ta for now – thans for reading.