Blog No 13 Thursday 4th December

Roger Aylward
Thu 4 Dec 2008 16:55

Day 21 Mileage 127 miles –  2.0 hours motoring


Well and yet again well – it is b****  hot here and we do not know how to keep ourselves cool. As you can gather from the mileage the wind has dropped somewhat although we had a very gentle sail through the night and we all slept well – not at the same time. We are now 105 miles from Prickly Bay and we are trying to time our arrival for mid-morning tomorrow, Friday. First of all we have to fly a “Q” flag – yellow, to indicate that we have arrived from elsewhere and might have yellow fever! I then have to take the ship’s documents passports etc and present them to Customs and Immigration at Prickly Bay, being duly polite and respectful. That being done we can go to the next bay – True Blue Bay where we have a berth reserved. In reality there is no distance by road between these points but it would be too easy just to walk to the officials. Only one possible snag is that it is not clear whether we can berth alongside in Prickly Bay or whether we have to anchor and get out the dinghy.


Nothing much has happened today – nothing. We have just had lunch and are festering around. Last night we saw the loom of the lights on Barbados which was about 40 miles north of our course. The stars were fantastic last night – it is strange to see the Plough rise out of the horizon and hang upside down. Polaris is, of course, very low in the sky.


We are now dreaming about food and drink tomorrow evening or even lunchtime. Everything, apart from the dinghy, is ready for our arrival.


So nearly there


Roger and Peters(3)