Blog No 6 19th November

Roger Aylward
Wed 19 Nov 2008 15:26



Two for the price of one – a technical blunder and crass stupidity meant that you had two blogs yesterday at no extra charge. Because of confusion we have had the automatic position generator changed so that the map will be updated once a day rather than twice a week – you may now get a forest of markers.


Things here carry on very well. We are not far (about 50 miles) from the first chance we have to take a direct route to Grenada. At the moment it looks as though we will go further south to avoid light winds but we will make that decision tomorrow morning. We had a great wind last night and were creaming along at 8-10knots for a few hours. It was just like a fun fair ride. Overall we have made up a little on the deficit against plan being some 65 nautical miles behind. The weather has been mixed: hot sun, thick clouds and a little rain. Here is last night’s sunset:-




This morning we found a small flying fish next to the cooker, at first we concluded that it must have flown over the cockpit, down the companionway and turned sharp left to land next to the hob for cooking. Sadly we found a window open which gives a much more plausible explanation.


You may not realise that this is a dry boat, not one without water but one without alcohol. However I thought that you might like this picture even though it is slightly cropped.




Can you read the name on the bottle? It is Pampero a high quality gin from Central America. The crew are drooling about their first drink when we get to Grenada.


Just to finish here is Peter Sheltrum:






Love Roger and crew