Blog No 5 - Monday 17th November

Roger Aylward
Mon 17 Nov 2008 15:22




Well here we are again but a much more cheerful crew- the wind. We currently have a about 15kts of wind on our tail and are making progress better than planned, and in the right direction. Of course we haven’t caught up the missing miles yet but they are decreasing.


We have seen more dolphins but haven’t managed another good picture of them but here is one of a single dolphin under water. I have described it in case you can’t make it out.





Things are very relaxed here at the moment reading and eating and doing our smalls.





We are getting better at cooking but we have no budding chefs on board. Everyone has been cooking although Peter Hawker has sworn me to secrecy about that. We had a lovely e-mail from an anonymous avid groupie – Caroline, but the mention of Sunday lunch and a pint of beer was too much – general consensus was that she was being cruel.


Anyway things are looking brighter now