Blog No 4 16th November

Roger Aylward
Sun 16 Nov 2008 15:41



Sad to say typing conditions are still good – the wind has not really exceeded 12kts and most of the time is around 9 kts so progress is not to plan. We have downloaded weather files and things wont get better quickly so we read, play with the sails and watch dolphins. We have had several good sightings of dolphins lasting 30 mins or so. Photograph expertise is increasing but it is a good job that we are not using film!








We have seen few birds – like 3 actually and as yet no flying fish and no boats for 24 hrs.


So how have we been spending our time? – I hear you ask. This morning we had a tea party celebrating the crossing of the tropic of Cancer. It was not a wild affair; in fact not wild at all, just cake baked by Ruth Hawker and a cup of tea.





Here is Peter Hawker cutting the cake this morning – notice the napkins!


We have spent some time this morning discussing how we can make the boat go faster and then played with the sails, not to much effect.


More news tomorrow, probably dominated by lack of wind.