Blog no 11 Tuesday 2nd December

Roger Aylward
Tue 2 Dec 2008 16:58

Day 10 Mileage 72  miles – 4.25 hours motoring

Day 11 Mileage 120 miles – 2.00 hours motoring

Day 12 Mileage 133 miles – 21.0 hours motoring

Day 13 Mileage 156 miles – 1.50 hours motoring

Day 14 Mileage 144 miles – 12.5 hours motoring

Day 15 Mileage 130 miles – 11.5 hours motoring

Day 16 Mileage 128 miles – 18.0 hours motoring

Day 17 Mileage 114 miles – 11.0 hours motoring

Day 18 Mileage 122 miles -  0.0 hours motoring

Day 19 Mileage 149 miles –  0.0 hours motoring


Tuesday 2nd December


I am not convinced that my last Blog was posted so I have repeated info above. Apart from the glorious fact that we haven’t motored nothing much has happened. But did you know that last night Venus and Jupiter were in conjunction, well we didn’t either until we looked it up. But within a very small part of the sky there were the two planets and a very new moon clearly visible.

We are now some 400 miles from Grenada and could get there as early as Friday but that depends on the wind……. Peter Hill has been reading a book about Robin Knox-Johnston in which it is said how reliable the North-Easterly Trade are! Well I wish he were here.


We are now running a solo watch system, each of us does a 3hour stint between 21.00 and 09.00 so, in theory, we get 9 hours sleep a night and two lucky people have an uninterrupted 9 hours. Sadly the rocking conditions are such that sleeping is quite difficult. We are running “ship time” which is GMT -2 hours. The sun rises 7.45 and sets at 19.30. Grenada, we think, is on GMT-4 hours; we shall see.


Anyway must go to do my fair wind prayers – no pics conserving air-time