Ship Date 8.0 Tuesday

Roger Aylward
Tue 12 Aug 2008 14:58

And yet another “WELL” and well nearly the last one of the series. Today has been somewhat overcast with a light tail wind. We have tried sailing, motor sailing and, well, just motoring. So yes we are motoring – ETA at Santa Cruz tomorrow is 13.00 –we shall see! We are getting terribly excited and have just seen Ilhas Selvagens which you will all know (don’t you) are two island north of the Canaries. Sadly we have not seen much wild life apart from each other today although we have had a sighting of a basking shark.


We are starting to tidy and clean the boat which is odd seeing that Veronica is not coming out yet. However we have had a major incident. Chefy John has just cut his finger on a tin edge. Now those of you who sail will say “what’s new; sailors are always doing that?” – yes but this is the only case on this trip, now that is news.




The Crew Beard suite of competitions:


International – all blog followers are entitled to enter – and will be asked questions concerning the anonymous pics of the crew, of course knowing them they may not “be asked”.















  • Does the Beard deserve the face?
  • Does the face deserve the beard?
  • Can the author be sued?


You may only answer in the following ways:


  • Yes or could be
  • No or couldn’t be
  • It doesn’t matter or did I really need this?


You must total up your answers very carefully marks will be deducted for bad arethmitic and speling – please do not disclose your results to anybody


Local – only open to a bar tender near the marina. They will be asked the following question with respect to the motley crew before and after a triple S and a few bevies:-


  • Was it a waste of soap and razor blades or are the crew a waste of space anyway?
  • Who is the most improved and how can that be?


Results will be published on the world wide rubbish blog tomorrow if I am sober.