Blog No 5 - Tuesday 18th November

Roger Aylward
Tue 18 Nov 2008 16:09



As you might have guessed from the last blog we were doing somewhat better, from Monday morning to this morning we logged 162 Nautical miles above our target at last. It will be hard to catch up the backlog but it is only about 15 hrs. We are heading south-westerly towards a point off the Cape Verde islands which should be the point at which we can pick up the Trade Winds and take a direct route for Grenada. Identifying that the Trades have set in is not precise so we will have to take a view when we get there; probably on Thursday morning.


We have not been idle however boat cleaning, cloths washing and even showering! So we smell beautiful. Fishing has not started yet but one fish surrendered.              




It may look big here (it may not) but it was at least 3 inches long.


The big excitement was an hour ago or so we saw the fin of a shark swimming around the boat – all talk about swimming has now gone.


Here is a picture showing us sailing under a poled-out genoa which seems to work well for relaxed down-wind sailing.




Anyway – “The End” for today.