Blog No 7 - Thursday 20th November

Roger Aylward
Thu 20 Nov 2008 16:38

DAY 7 distance logged 159 Nm – total (@10.45GMT) 992Nm




Due to popular demand I have made change in format giving the distances etc at the top of the Blog.. To catch up here are all the previous figures:-


                        Blog 1   Thursday          ---       

                        Blog 2   Friday              165

                        Blog 3   Saturday          145

                        Blog 4   Sunday             106

                        Blog 5   Monday            102

                        Blog 5!  Tuesday           162

                        Blog 6   Wednesday       153

                        Blog 7   Thursday          159


All are logged figures ie how far we travelled not distance achieved in a straight line.


Well it started off very well today after a rough night. We went through 1000Nm before mid-day and having turned right earlier. There were two flying fish in the cockpit which OOD PS had failed to hear land or even see. However the wind dropped to nothing having been at 25-30 kts overnight and it started to rain so, for the first time, we put the engine on. The rain cleared and we spent some time untangling the cruising chute from fore-stay so we put it away, and went back to our normal sail plan and are just about to have a party celebrating turning right. As I write we have made a sighting of a football! (Yes).


We are not eating as well as you out there (Ah..) and today we will use our last fresh meat. Then it will be the dreaded tins of Steak and Kidney pie and things.


Been far too busy for pics today.