38:24.32N 31:17.29W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Sat 7 Jun 2008 20:24
Great days run of 150 miles and all full of anticipation on land fall tomorrow,expected about 1800 GMT. Coyley rose to the challenge in the galley and produced a delicious cottage pie with parsley and mustard mash on top with mixed veg and sauteed potatoes, bloody good effort in a choppy sea; even made us a pud; peaches with a coating of muesli infused in the oven!  Heading just south of Horta at 6 knots in a 20kt southerly breeze, 2 reefs and full genoa. We do miss the quiet motion of North Star when flying the cruising chute, she felt she was tied up in a marina and we slept accordingly. Now though she's heeled and cutting through the water sendinng up spray. Burnsy will be sleeping on his lee cloth!