39:20.29N 44:52.31W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Mon 2 Jun 2008 23:42
Steady south westerly 10-15 knots all day continuing tonight, fantastic. flew the spoinnaker for the first time today for 10  hours, beautiful sailing. Saw a pod of whales either sperm or fin, two crossed our bows withing about 50 yards, abit close for comfort bu what a sight. Then later we had a couple of dolphins swimming along at the bow. Bloody hot today , we fried in the midday sun. Burnsy cooked up a nice cheese and tomato omelette tonight , very good and a nice change from pot mess. Weather outlook good but may get 30knot winds on Friday; gonna air the storm jib tomorrow, make sure we know which way up she goes. Great sunset tonight and now gonna put my head down for a few hours till my watch at 2am!