39:00.21N 42:01.36W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Wed 4 Jun 2008 00:36
Making good progress again, days run of 133 miles and been flying the cruising chute all day in 10 knots of wind and all through tonight hopefully! Saw dolphins twice today, one pod must have been over 100, a few will always come and play at the bow till they move on, its a great sight and we shout and tap the boat for them. Supper tonight was chicken pot mess with spam no chicken, lots of white beans,carrot, olives, onion, very good strangely. Coyley chuffed as I've let him use my computer  to send an email to Katie in Nyack, where North Star was; also he looks like being right about our ETA ,8th June he said. Otherwise much the same on board, beautiful sunny day, fair winds; even stood up on the foredeck taking in the surroundings. Gin and tonics were mentioned, how well they would have gone down defies imagination.