38:53.24N 56:07.27W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Thu 29 May 2008 00:37
Completely calm yesterday evening and all through the night, hardly a breath of air. Subsequently yesterdays run was 76 miles only. It freshened this morning and we broke out the cruising chute for the very first time, ever. Discovered its red, white and blue and works very well, helping us up to speeds of 7.5 knots. However the wind strenghtened again and we dropped the chute and rolled out the genoa. Good sailing all day but other things were happeneingom board; Coyley informed me this morning that the pump on the heads was;nt working and no one ,strangely, looked very interested in investigatring the problem further. As my delegation powers seemed to be useless on this issue I started dismantling the pump after lunch, sensibly, and after being upto my elbows in shit it was back together working.
As the wing strenthened again we discovered we were not able to roll the genoa in so dropped it and are now sailing with no headsail. Should be able to hoist it tomorrow iin daylight. Nearly at Herbs waypoint where we are hoping to find a push from the gulf stream.