39:00.60N 49:47.15W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Sat 31 May 2008 19:24
Over half way now, great , down to three figures left to go, just 995 miles. Toasted Neptune and halfway mark with vodka, all gone and bottle tossed into tha Atlantic with a message. Very calm conditions but sailing at 4.5 knots with a gentle breeze. Managed to tear the mainsail when i stupidly loosened the foot with the reefing pennants in, doh. Mended that this morning. Had breakfast in bed , tea and porridge, fantastic and bacon, creamcheese and marmite sandwich for lunch. Spaghetti tonight with corned beef, and corn muffins!  Alll happy and enjoying the benign conditions, very relaxing; North Star behaving impeccably and taking good care of us.