38:57.55N 28:28.90W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Sat 21 Jun 2008 23:46
Ed arrived yesterday and the three of us departed this morning at 10 oclock. We motor sailed east through the Canal de Faial which is the narrow gap between Faial and Pico and there was quite a swell running creating an uncomfortable sea. This led to a little bit of seasickness but they've found their sea legs now and all are well on board. Tacked up the east coast of faial and currently motorsailing passed Graciosa into a light northerly breeze; looking forward to the wind backing to the SW some time tomorrow. Local meatballs in a tomato sauce went down well, everyone ravenous. Hi to everyone at home and TWH and thanks for the message Andy Howie, I finally read it on sat phone a couple of days ago!