40:06.31N 27:12.93W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Sun 22 Jun 2008 20:56
SW came in this afternoon and after trying to fly the cruising chute and still finding we were heading in the wrong direction we poled out the genoa and are currently doing a comfortable 6kts in a NE diriection. Finally we seem to be making some good progess towards Falmouth.
Sam had a lie in this morning, complaining about not sleeping because the engine was running all night! Normally helps you to sleep. 
 Ed was talking about having babies yesterday(hes keen to start afamily) and just mentioned that a woman has a finite number of eggs; this was news to Sam our resident A level biology student who thought that new eggs were produced every month. Ed consulted his girlfriend and Sam was proved wrong; I learnt something too.
Meatballs for supper again tonight but still very good. Sam's doing a chilli tomorrow night; will be nice to have some spicey food!!