38:31.96N 28:37.50W

North Star
Andrew Joad
Tue 10 Jun 2008 17:25
Sighted land at midday about 40 miles off, a welcome sight and then greeted by a large pod of dolphins. All very excited about landfall but as always it was a long slog to finally get in and we arrived at about 2045GMT having had a head wind for the last 30 miles. It was necessary to motorsail the last 6 hours and the 15 mile run along the south end of the island seemed to last forever! However Coyley's fan club(Mel and Laura) was on the dock to greet us!! So after 18 days at sea without a drink we wasted no time to find the nearest bar. We awoke with little memory of the walk back. Burnsy informed us that he had chucked up over the side of the boat!! All happy and relaxed. Horta is beautiful and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed with lots of much travelled yachties.