wed 8th june

Norman G III
Wed 8 Jun 2011 22:32
good evening to all and sorry im late

our position at 0000 is
40 27 77N 009 0328W

today i am happy to report the weather has been great and the sea calm
the last time I came down this coast in a boat it was terrible so im really happy its this way today

weve been motor sailing all day at a steady 7kt with little or no wind but made good progress

dolphins and today pilot whales have been our companions as well as a tremendous amount of fishing line markers which we have had to dodge

today ive sunbathed and read a lot and generally enjoyed the boat. theres a lot to learn different from motor boats but its not rocket science and im getting accustomed to the way of things The pace is much slower so the time to make decisions is longer which suits my dulling mental capacity

James and I had a good chat today about the future and how we want to run the boat and i think our plans are coming together nicely.

James the skipper talked fondly today about his parents and family so i want to say hi to his mum and dad --im looking after him!!!! he says Ted will smile because he knows what a charmer James is!

Judith got your message thanks will call you when i get a signal

tomorrow we should with good speed make Lisbon and then 12 hours later turn left (port in the parlance) for the med and gibraltar first stop

love to all

good night