the fat ladys not singing yet

Norman G III
Tue 6 Dec 2011 23:17
good evening

our position tonight is

15 01 22N 51 17 92W

blog is an abridged version as we are in the middle of the worst weather we have had on the journey so far

at about 1600 we got ourselves into a massive wet weather system and at 2100 are still stuck in it

we were sailing along happily bearing west when the system overtook us and sent the wind through 180 degrees and the heavens opened and it started to pour

wind speed was nearly zero and we were not moving and a the sea was getting rougher we made the decision the start the engine

we thought it best to go east to exit the weather system but after 1 hour of motoring against the waves ( one big one slamming the boat and throwing jasons bedroom hatch open and allowing water in) we decided to turn and go with the waves towards the wsest but 5 hours later we are still being rained on

this is not your normal english rain-- this is proper tropical rain in drops the size of of tennis balls. everything is soaking wet but we are coping well

so im depressed because we had to motor and so will not make it to st lucia on sail alone but this is much preferable to rolling around like a cork in a bottle for what appears to be a full night

golly got a storm

jason got to motor

and skip and i got double watches because there are 2 boats within 5 miles of us and travelling in the same direction but visibility is less than 0.5mile--- oh the joys of boat ownership-

whowever said

if it flies floats or f.....s rent it may have had a point!!!

oh yes the fat ladys laughing at us for letting down our guard 5 days out---- beware

hello tonight to all our friends at Oyster Germany---- statistics statistics and damn lies!

more tomorrow on what i think will be a long night

sleep tight