evening update

Norman G III
Fri 10 Jun 2011 19:33
our position at 21.20 friday is

37.13.11N 009.05.35W

well what a fantastic day

the sun has shined all day and the water has been flat calm.

no wind so we are motoring-- im back in territory where i feel very comfortable

we had an amazing display from a pod of dolphins playing around the boat for 15 minutes and then went we fishing after a heap of tuna appeared. in the water--it was boiling! heron were diving into the water from metres up to try to catch the fish and dolphins were chasing them -- it was very exciting. We didnt catch anything but James swears he knows what hes doing-- maybe another fantasy?

the water we took on board in Cascais tastes a little odd so weve decided to use it quickly and then make our own. We all had long showers and are very clean and squeaky

tonights thanks go to timmy james' mother. we ate a fantastic beef stew tonight that she made for us. Ive found an area im much more competant than both the others at-- i ate enough for myself and the 2 crew who left us yesterday!( dont worry mum your fishcakes are still the best seller!!)

anyway im going to sleep now because my watch is at 3 tomorrow morning.. a big hello to alison and adele -- have a great weekend

good night to all