rain rain rain

Norman G III
Mon 5 Dec 2011 21:14
good evening

the time here is 1900 but soon to be 1800 as we move the clocks back again on my shift and our position is

14 49 87N 48 42 87W

and I have just had a shower after standing for 4 hours with Jason on watch in the pouring and I mean tropical pouring rain. the winds were reaching 30kt and the waves were huge as the sea boiled and we just bobbed along at 6.5kt. no drama just uncomfortable as the boat tipped from side to side and we were soaking. our hands and feet looked as if we had been in the bath for 3 hours-- wrinkled and very very white

golly and skip took to bed again and miraculously appeared at the end of the storm.

its getting to be far from a joke

skip is renowned for his sleeping and snoring but most unbelievable of all is his appetite. I mentioned before that he has a lolt in common with my most favourite of animals-- the wild boar and hes proving to be one big keiler. hes nocturnal, makes boar like noises when sleeping and eating, is never full, but most similarly of all, spends long hours at the dead of night rummaging for food. last night i set a trap. i hid his favourite dish -- the chocolate hob nob biscuit at the back of the c upboard behind a very unstable set of saucepans. To get the biscuits without disturbing the pans was impossible. indeed 3 oclock this morning the pans fell forward with the attendant clatter and the scamper of hoofs as he ran back upstairs pleading no knowledge of the noise-- caught in the act

mind you golly has also managed to learn some pretty sneaky tactics.-- hes a survivor. in an effort to be helpful golly always offers to make a coffee when he arrives for his watch. 2 weeks ago he arrived 10 minutes early and then made coffee and started on time. now having realsied every minute matters on watch system he arrives 1 minute early offers to make a coffee reads an email and doesnt start until 30 minutes late-- sneaky old golly-- tonight a little trap for him

Jason aka the recluse has not been down into the body of the boat now for a full 48 hours. im afraid that when he finally arrives back in Lumby hes going to start sleeping in the garden in a tent

all day we have been in storms. these are small or large squalls caused by thermal activity and do not last long but can have pretty drastic wind shifts associated with them. today in one squall we had wind shift of 60 degrees which means that we have to steer into the wind so a daytime watch becomes as tiring as a nightime watch meaning that we are all more tired today. there are wet clothes eveywhere and inside the boat is a bit untidy and very hot-- big day for cleaning tomorrow

for breakfast bacon and egg sandwiches on a home bake ( in our machine) loaf and tonight moroccan tagine of beef with couscous-- even if the weathers bad we have to eat!

counting down the miles but about 700 to go--- this means we have travelled more than 2000 miles in one of the worlds biggest oceans using our sails alone-- amazing

tonight hello to big bro--- where are my emails?

sleep tight