yahoo wahoo.

Norman G III
Wed 30 Nov 2011 12:00
good morning

at 10.30 this morning our position is

16 39 92N 35 22 12W

and the sun is shining and the wind is blowing a constant 25kt but in a pleasant manner small swells 3m but with 7 second gaps and we are making about 7kt towards st lucia

james and i are doing the boat work and jason is sleeping and golly is reading

we are planning a great celebration for tomorrow because we reach the halfway mileage point so its all downhill from there on. the second 1500 miles should be quicker than the first 1500 and hopefully we wont have to make a detour to find wind-- but who knows

Last night got a little hectic because we caught the great wahoo fish at about 17.15 and it took us about an hour to land him and despatch him and then jason and james gutted and filleted it in another 20 minutes leaving half an hour of cleaning and it was by then dark so regular checks and set ups for the evening sailing had to be done quickly

the wahoo (acanthocybium solanderi ) can grow to about 83kg maximum but this one we reckon was about 25kg and measured 1m 49cm long and was a monster they have razor sharp teeth with a mouth about 20cm long so avoiding injury was a major concern. it had bitten chunks out of a solid lure and when we had it close by a major debate ranged as to whether to bring it on board and despatch it or do it over the side and risk losing the fish. jason wanted to bring it back on board cover its eyes with a rag and wrestle it to death---- we used a different method.. golly having had success despatching the small dorado by pouring neat vodka into its gills wanted to try this method--- this thing drank a litre of vodka and just snapped its mouth and wriggled more--we used a different method

once on board the boat it was amazing just how slimy the skin was-- a lot like an eel-- horrible
james and jason did an amazing job of filleting the fish and we now have a freezer full of beautiful white meat- today for dinner we will have wahoo fish cakes amshed potato and peas with rice pudding and strawberry jam for dessert lunch is cold meats and salamis another day in paradise.

gollys lunch yesterday was actually rather edible in a im very hungry ill eat anything kind of way. james is known for eating vast quantitys of food and im no slouch in this department so when a small side dish of fried assorted meats arrived at the table james started to eat.
wait said golly thats for everyone
yes said golly you dont need to eat so much for lunch and i threw away by mistake half of the ingredients so thats it---
his new nickname is the quatermaster

today we are having a tidying day and preparing some food for the party tomorrow
james and sheila prepared some surprises in las palmas and we are allowing ourselves a bottle of champagne so thats gone in the freezer to chill

more tonight

but mentions today for cher and mike keep the emails coming and also to the beak and the bank thanks for working while we are out here

keep well


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