very tired

Norman G III
Mon 21 Nov 2011 21:15
our position tonight at 2100 hours is

25 41 53 N 016 38 03 W

hi all

wehaver had a really exciting day

James and I helped Jason and Golly with their first night watch and so subsequently I only got 2 1/2 hours sleep

im so tired and just finished a watch and am back on againg in the morning at 3 so im going to bed

tomorrow ill write and tell everything in the morining but suffice it to say that hytere may be plenty of quicker boats in the arc but I doubt there is oner on board which the crew have eatged better thsan NG3 tonight

short pasta with pancetta as a starter fresh line caught dorado( 4ft long --a amonster photos tomorrow) with tomoto side dish and then fresh fruit salad and cream-- not so bad eh?

just a mention to Ollie and Harvey- your dad is missing you loads and also for Natasha and tony -a happy brthday from golly

until tomorrow morning

sleep tight