Michelin star

Norman G III
Wed 30 Nov 2011 22:21
good evening

a\t 2100 tonight our position is

16 45 62N 36 37 29 W

and we are travelling quite speedily towards st lucia at about 5.7 kt having just furled a bit more of the sails away. its wuite windy and rainy so we are all pretty well wrapped up for watches. my shift is 3 - 9 so ill write this and then grab some sleep.
while im writing this skip and golly are on watch and are getting soaking wet in a squall but down below here its qiet like a library.- i told them to shut the hatch securely and i can just heart them muttering about luck etc. golly has got on some paisley shorts and looks rather dapper

he has also excelled himself tonight with his all time favourite recipe -- thai fish cakes with guess what--- sweet chilli sauce. he pan fried the mixture of wahoo mashed potato herbs chilli and salt and pepper and created fish cakes of a quality thet deserve a Michelin star. he has won us over and is back on the evening meal rota again

im sorry to say last nights exploits in the fishing department were not repeasted today wioth another win for the fish. After last nights success i assembled my finest super chugger octopus lure ad fixed it onto 4 m of wire leader and the heavy tackle. we caught and released a good sized dorado had a false alarm at 1500 then at 1545 the line went out with a real buzz. within 30 seconds a fish had pulled 300m of line from the reel so we tried to stop it. another miute laster and anothe 300m of line the fish stopped -- but only for about 10 seconds, with a flurry it broke the line and took 200m with it. well we cant win them all
fish 7 ng3 1`

the weather has changed over the last 2 days and today its been able to sunbathe a little but the sea was very rough so movement about the boat is difficult

jason has been videoing the sea all day so hes feeling better im sure

skip has worked all day on boaty things but we have checked all mechanicxal objects and all seems ok

we have to make water from sea water using a desalinator. it is quite tempramental and when its rough we cannot use it so we have to be a little careful with the amount of water we use. showers use most water on board so we have a 30 second rule when waters in low supply no more than 30 seconds of water usage for a shower-- more than this is called a hollywood and not permitted.

tomorrow is half way stage so we have prepared a little party starting at lunchtime-- if you are in the area do pop bye to join us

sleep tight