Norman G III
Wed 7 Dec 2011 13:19
good morning

we got absoluteley soaking yesterday so this morning everything is on deck drying out-- a proper gypsy caravan

today the weather is good and hot but we have to motor cos no wind--- pity but now i just want to get there

who sent the emails yesterday

was it a spoof from alex i didnt quite understand

are you ok

if you need some help with flights arc reccommend

traveleads 01132 422202

and mention we are associated with arc boat and ask for the sports department

arc has discount at the following hotels

all bay garden hotels

palm haven
royal st lucian
village ionn

but pick the best hotel you can find with a spa if poss--- my body is destroyed ive even got a couple opf spots!!!!

ill get a car when we arrive so getting aout wont be a problem

i cant wait to see you and the next time i mention a grand plan nsit me down in my wheelchair and say im too old

love you fatty