Is it possible to get bored of catching Marlin?

Marcus & Ruth
Wed 5 Dec 2012 10:33
21 43.119N 44 40.129W

Nah I don't think so!

Just as the sun was starting to set on our epic day yesterday, it got just a little bit better.

Both rods went flying again, Stb reel very quickly went loose, Nic reeled it in to find the lure had gone, but the Port rod was still paying out at an incredible rate. We've all got a bit more used to proceedings and everything is a little smoother, less of the running around like headless chickens all excited about the prospect of landing a fish but wondering what the hell to do, we are organised! Strike the reel, Head sail away, other reel in, rod out of holder, harness on, stop the boat, cameras ready, gloves on, rounders batt on hand, pair of scissors, life jacket on. Ok still a little excitable!!

What did we have this time? Would it be something we could keep and eat, hopefully a nice fat Tuna. It put up a great fight, choosing to dive down deep rather than the ariel acrobatics. Only when we got it real close did we see another Marlin, only this time it was a Black, maybe because we are getting closer to the Caribbean!!!, not as pretty as it's blue cousins but still an awesome sight. We Grabbed the bill and struggled to haul it onto the deck, Dick's tender side came out and on the way up he gave it a lovely cuddle to welcome it aboard! Later claiming it was determination not to let it go, but we think he's just not had a hug for a while! A couple of proof shots and then released back into the blue abyss. Around 10ft and probably 100lb, it took the both of us to hold it steady. Awesome sight out the water but even better to see it swim away again, ready for the next fight. 

Dinner was a gourmet feast of fresh Mahi, Mashed Potato, Green Beans and Nic's special sauce! Joint effort between Andy and Nic.

So final fish count for the day: 1 Mahi Mahi, 2 Blue Marlin & 1 Black Marlin. Not bad.

A great day, but not a great night!

Last night was horrible, not too bad on the wind speeds, just topping 30 knots but the squalls and rain were horrendous. Very humid and everything is soaking wet. Wind direction was extremely variable, at one point we were due North to keep some wind in the sails. Still, the morning brings better weather but no wind so we have finally had to put the engines on and are motor sailing for the time being. We have very slight head winds which should last around 24 hours then it should start to fill in again from the North. Hopefully we will be able to sail again from there. Still due in around the 10th/11th.

Distance to go: 1066nm