Fishing and Steady Breezes

Marcus & Ruth
Mon 3 Dec 2012 12:07
22 43.382N 037 49.867W

Hi All, sorry we've not posted for a couple of days but we ran out of Sat Credit!! I managed to call on the VHF a passing boat "Sundowner" who called home to alert Ruth of our credit situation. Thanks to Ruth and Pascal in France, we are back up and running with communications and are able to get up to date weather.

The breeze is continuing to be kind to us, we've yet to start the engines and are approaching half way today. Quite incredible progress we've made over the last 7 days. Staying on this track we'll do the trip in 14 days! I think this is unlikely as the winds are due to ease slightly, but even with a little less speed I think were on for 15/16 day trip which is excellent.

We are back up to Full main and Full Genoa, the sea has calmed a little and this has enabled us to throw out the fishing lines. All fingers are crossed we can now start landing us some fish! So far the only interest we've had in the lures is from our resident Sea Gul, Steven! He's taken a shine to the bait and keeps diving trying to score himself a nice squid! Stupid birds!

Andy is hitting the books hard, working out with his Sextant where we are, unfortunately the sun has not shown it's self that much so sights have been sporadic. He did however manage to take a night sight using Polaris (The North Star), he just had to use his iPhone App to find the star!! Are you sure they had iPhone's back in them days??

We are continuing to hit around 200nm per day, over the weekend we managed 222nm in 24 hours and a top speed of 17.2 knots SOG.

All is very well on board, everyone is happy, we're eating fantastically and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier by the day. Dick roasted a ham last night with some nice roasted veg and a red wine gravy, lovely. Our thoughts go out to all those boats in the ARC loaded up with clients/crew who are surviving on freeze dried food and processed meat.