The Black Pearl

Marcus & Ruth
Thu 29 Nov 2012 09:28
25 36.40N 022 57.15W

Starting Distance 2838nm, Remaining Distance 2405nm

The Black Peal has gone dark! Yesterday evening we caught a glimpse of the square rigged ship about 10 miles behind us, then she disappeared into the storm clouds never to be seen since. Gone from Radar, gone from AIS, no sign anywhere! We're quite sure we'll see her again, the question is, where and when!!!

Small incident involving the auto pilot last night, we seemed to loose heading and resulted in a crash jibe. No great shakes, we had a preventer on and suitably reefed main to not cause an issue, just some unwanted excitement for the crew at 4 O'clock in the morning. Also had a close passing of a 1000ft Cargo ship, came within half a mile of us while we put a reef in the main. First real sighting of another ship since leaving The Canaries. So all in all quite a busy night.

We woke this morning to a slightly brighter day, the clouds seem less organised and a lighter colour than previous days, even the sun is trying to burn through. Wind is still being kind, averaging above 20 knots which is keeping our boat speed a firm 8/9knots.

Food onboard has been awesome, Andy cooked up a lovely Chicken wrapped in bacon and vegetables dish last night and Dicky served one of his salads for lunch. Roles are reversed today with Andy on lunch and Dicky making the evening meal, we wonder what delights are to come!

Yesterday was the start of the HBO Pacific Series, pop corn and ice creams mid afternoon in the Salon. Everyone gathered around to start episode 1 of 10, we watched 1 & 2 off the bat so guessing this series won't last more than a few days. Plenty more DVD's waiting so no worries there.

Dick and Dicky float tested the old alternator today, we guessed it would fall at around 10ft per second and we are currently in 16,000ft of water so it should take around 26 minutes to reach the ocean floor!!!