Starting distance from Gran Canaria 2838 nautical miles.

Marcus & Ruth
Tue 27 Nov 2012 10:52
27 13.61N 016 36.26W

Making great ground with 3 reefed main and small Genoa and we're averaging around 9 knots, some of the waves are picking us up and surfing to over 13 knots. As the Aussies would say "It's blowing dogs off chains mate!" but we are quite happy here at the moment. The boat is very comfortable and we finally get to do some proper sailing. The forecast is for a few days like this, means the sea will build more but the sailing is awesome. Good sailing means happy smiling crew and that makes the start of our Atlantic crossing a good one.
Fishing lines are not out, it's a little too rough, we'd struggle to slow the boat down if we caught anything and turning up into this following sea would not be a pleasant experience.

Starting distance from Gran Canaria to the Caribbean 2838nm, distance left to go 2741nm.