Happy 60th Birthday Dick (The Cat) Miller

Marcus & Ruth
Sat 1 Dec 2012 09:30
24 05.910N 30 14.969W

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dick, happy birthday to you.

A great morning to be on the good ship "The Cure", Dick Miller is celebrating his 60th Birthday. Coffee and Cake, with cards to open brought from family and friends back home. Deb (Dick's Wife) asked him a while back what he fancied doing for his 60th birthday? Do you want a big party?, "Nah" Dick replied, "I had a party for my 40th and a party for my 50th, I want to do something Spectacular!!!!". 
Well the whole crew think Sailing Across The Atlantic Ocean on your 60th Birthday is pretty spectacular. Dick didn't want a party and It's quite ironic that he chose to have his birthday in one of the worlds most remote places, the middle of an ocean.
Dick's comment regarding the picture below was "I think this is the first birthday picture without a pint in my hand" We'll save the pint for the Caribbean, I'm sure he'll make up for it!

The wind is still great and the weather is starting to get sunnier, we've been doing +200 mile days, which is just awesome. We've taken a more direct route, because the wind has allowed it, we wonder where the rest of the ARC fleet are, which route they took and if they are about to swallow us up. We've not seen any sailing boats since the "Black Peal", they must be out there somewhere. Our winds are due to stay strong unit Sunday evening when they should drop off for a while. We should be able to keep sailing, just shake out the reefs and see how we go. The pressure should fill back in after that but at a steadier rate 10/15knots instead of 20/30. With the sunnier weather we are starting to get the night time squalls. They need caution as they can creep up and before you know it the wind has increased, the boat is over powered and suddenly you're in a bit of a pickle!

From Dick Millers onboard Diary:
"Well here I am, 1st December 2012 my 60th Birthday! Where am I? Mid Atlantic with some old friends and some new ones, my thoughts are of my beautiful and wonderful wife Debs whom I love so much and family Zoe, Lucy, Jake and Charlie, and all my in laws who treat me like one of their own, I wonder what my mum and dad would have thought of my life now, I hope I've made them proud, oops a few tears now, man up Miller!! Lets get sailing, it's a beautiful day, suns out, wind behind us, Caribbean here we come".

Dick would like to pass on his thanks for the Birthday cards and cake and looks forward to a birthday pint with friends and family.

He also shares his birthday with the first day of Advent, Ruth bought us all advent calendars so we'll be opening them every day. Dick Miller let slip of his fondness to "One Direction", so Ruth thought he'd like their calendar as a nice treat!