Gran Canaria, nearly in sight

Marcus & Ruth
Sat 24 Nov 2012 12:54
29 13.46N 014 43.06W

A very quiet night sailing with the motor, the weather really is getting better and better and the wind has filled in a bit from the East so we are now cruising along nicely doing 8 knots under only our sails! Not something we've been used to doing recently and it makes a lovely change.
The guys are eager doing little jobs around the boat, keeping busy so there is noting holding us up once we've made the next set of repairs. 
Our little stop to look at the pod of pilot whales yesterday resulted in our already broken alternator deciding to catch fire, well nearly, it spat out enough black smoke for us all to consider the use of an extinguisher but there really was no need. It just needed to cool down. The offending item has now been removed and hopefully the replacement will be ready for us to fit on Monday in Gran Canaria, hence the change in Canaries destination. Just remains to see if there will be any marina space for us at Las Palmas, the start of the Arc is Sunday so hopefully they will all sail away and we will have an empty marina to choose from. May just have to blag tonight on the fuel dock, we probably won't be in until midnight anyway, so hopefully there won't be anyone around.
The sun is shinning, the sea is calm, everyone is happy and finding their own ways and routine onboard, just in time to stop again and mix everything up.